Topics and Submission Guidelines

Topics addressed in the symposium cover all aspects of multimodal communication,
including but not limited to:
  • Speech, gestures and signs in human communication
  • Intercultural aspects of multimodal behaviour
  • Multimodality aspects of language acquisition (both L1 and L2)
  • Multimodal human computer interaction and conversational agents
  • Multimodal systems for sign language users
  • Multimodal health communication
  • Multimodal communication, communication disorders and communication support (AAC)
  • Multimodal dialogue systems
  • Multimodal corpora
  • Sign language corpora
  • Annotation schemes and tools for multimodal corpora
  • Automatic recognition and interpretation of different modalities and their interaction
  • Machine-learning techniques applied to multimodal data
  • Evaluation methods for multimodal systems
Authors are invited to submit anonymous abstracts of 2 pages in PDF format. Abstracts must be submitted at

Documentation and dissemination
A booklet of abstracts will be published online and distributed at the conference. A postsymposium peer-reviewed publication of selected long papers will be considered. These papers will undergo a new round of reviewing.