This is the list of hotels that have reserved a hotel contingent for your stay in Frankfurt. Please make sure to follow the how to book requirement that we list and to mention the keyword that you find in the table when booking.

Maingau Hotel

AddressSchifferstraße 38-40
Capacity22 SR, 10 DR (single use)
Price per night90€ SR, 107€ DR; both including breakfast
Book until02.08.24
KeywordGoethe Universität Frankfurt 2
How to bookMail to
Distance to campus walk ca. 5 min to „Lokalbahnhof“: take S-Bahn to „Hauptwache“ then U-Bahn to „Holzhausenstraße“ = 30 minutes total
OR walk ca. 7 minutes to „Südbahnhof“ and take U-Bahn to „Holzhausenstraße“ = 25 minutes total

Motel One Frankfurt East Side

AddressHanauer Landstraße 142
Capacity30 SR
Price per night106 – 126€, including breakfast
Book until28.08.24
How to bookMail to
Distance to campus walk ca. 10 minutes to „Ostbahnhof“ take U6 to „Hauptwache“ then U-Bahn to „Holzhausenstraße“ = ca. 25 minutes total

Turm Hotel

AddressEschersheimer Landstraße 20
Capacity18 SR, 2 DR (single use)
Price per night102 – 117€ SR, 132€ DR; breakfast 17€
Book until01.09.24
How to bookVia this link:
Distance to campus walk ca. 15-20 minutes OR take U-Bahn from „Grüneburgweg“ to “Holzhausenstraße” (1 Stop) = 15 minutes total„Holzhausenstraße“ = ca. 25 minutes total

ibis Frankfurt Centrum

AddressSpeicherstraße 4
Capacity50 DR (single use)
Price per night105 – 110€; including breakfast
Book until12.08.24
How to
Distance to campus take Bus 64 at „Baseler Platz“ to „Bremer Platz“ = ca. 20 minutes

The Flag

AddressBockenheimer Landstraße 38 – 40
Capacity30 Business SR (some only part time)
Price per night170 – 180€
Book until31.07.24
Keyword25092024_ABK_Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
How to
Distance to campus walk ca. 15 minutes or take Bus M36 at “Niedenau” to “Uni Campus Westend” = 10-15 minutes

Motel One Römer

AddressBerliner Straße 55
Capacity50 SR
Price per nightfrom 25.09. 205€, from 26.09. 125€; including breakfast
Book until31.07.24
How to bookusing a form
Distance to campus walk ca. 5 minutes to „Willy-BrandtPlatz“ then take U-Bahn to “Holzhausenstraße” = ca. 20 minutes total

Numa Bloc

AddressEschersheimer Landstraße 5-7
Capacity5 SR, 15 DR
Price per night99€ SR, 109€ DR
Book until04.09.24
KeywordNuma Bloc – Goethe Universität
How to
Distance to campus walk 15-20 minutes OR take U-Bahn at “Eschenheimer Tor” to “Holzhausenstraße”
Examples of available hotels for MMSYM in Frankfurt. Please note that this is still under construction and to be updated soon.

Of course, there are many more hotels available in Frankfurt that might be a good fit for you. Feel free to look for other room options, and consider finding rooms via Airbnb!