MMSYM 2015


MMSYM 2015 was held at the Central Hotel, Dublin, Ireland on the 17th and 18th of September, 2015.

The programme below has links to papers presented at the workshop.

The proceedings are published here.


Thursday 17 September

8.30-9 Registration
9-10 Keynote: Ruth Aylett
10-10.30 Coffee
10.30 – 12.30 Getting it right: Advanced Danish learners of Italian adopt speech and gesture L2 forms
Bjørn Nicola Wessel-Tolvig
The impact of observer and character viewpoint gesture on novel second language vocabulary acquisition
Olga Kushch, Carmen Pérez Vidal, Marianne Gullberg and Pilar Prieto
A case study of the mnemonic effect of beat and iconic gestures in L2
Eleni Ioanna Levantinou and Costanza Navarretta
Multimodal representation of shared cultural knowledge in a Creolophone community

Melanie Anna Brueck
12.30 – 2 Lunch
2-3.30 Informing through pointing: Development of communication and social understanding in children
Hélène Cochet
Multimodal perception in infants with and without genetic risk for autism: a meta-analysis

Itziar Lozano Sánchez, Mercedes Belinchón Carmona and Ruth Campos García
Meaning potentials in words and gestures
Jens Allwood and Elisabeth Ahlsén
3.30-4 Coffee
4-5.30 The Role of Eye Gaze and Body Movements in Turn-Taking during a Contemporary Dance Improvisation
Vito Evola, Joanna Skubisz and Carla Fernandes
Multimodal Perception of Attitudes: A Study on Video Blogs
Noor Alhusna Madzlan, Justine Reverdy, Francesca Bonin, Loredana Sundberg Cerrato and Nick Campbell
Towards Engagement Measures Using Dialogue Activities in Social Interaction

Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis and Laurence Devillers
6 Dinner at Winding Stair Restaurant

Friday 18 September

8.30-9 Registration
9-10.30 Detection of Communicative Co-speech Gesturing in Conversation
Martin Vels and Kristiina Jokinen
Zero Mean Lag Communication Over Networks: A Route to Co-Presence?

Fred Cummins and Jonathan Byrne
10.30-11 Coffee
11 – 12.30 Starting a Conversation with Strangers: Explicit Announcement of Presence
Stefán Ólafsson, Branislav Bédi, Hafdís Erla Helgadóttir, Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson and Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir
Filled pauses and co-occurring gestures in Danish First Encounters

Costanza Navarretta
Coordination of head movements and speech in first encounter dialogues

Patrizia Paggio
12.30 – 2 Lunch
2-3.30 Multimodal Signals for Designing an Awareness‐Communication System
Dimitra Anastasiou, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll
Head beats and eyebrow movements as a function of phonological prominence levels and word accents in Stockholm Swedish news broadcasts

Gilbert Ambrazaitis, Malin Svensson Lundmark and David House
Talking about Movement – Task Perspective Elicits Corresponding Hand Movement Behavior

Ippokratis Konstantinidis and Harald Skomroch
3.30-4 Coffee
4-5 Discussion/Roundtable